Week 4 with the Twins: NICU Graduates!

Preemie Twins: NICU graduates

Preemie Twins: Adjusting to the NICU with Twins

Preemie Twins: Adjusting to the NICU

Hey honey bunnies!
We are rapidly adjusting to the babies being in the nicu. It’s pretty scary, but the staff is great.  Our little ones are tiny, but fighters and continue to do well, so well the staff said you would think they were older than what they are.

The nicu, while very nurturing and beneficial for the babies, is trying and taxing for us parents. There’s [...]

Going Home and Leaving Babies in The NICU

Preemie Twins in the Nicu

Hey honey bunnies!
Today is a very rough in emotional day for me. I’m going home, but the twins are staying here. Even though we knew that they may come early and this was a possibility, I never really accepted that. I was prepared to be in the hospital for at least a few more weeks and maybe at home on bed rest for  2 more, [...]

Pregnant with Twins: The Twins are Here!

pregnant with twins, twins arrive early

The twins are here! The Wonder Twins arrived on Wednesday, October 17 and were two days shy of 29 weeks. Wonder Girl arrived first and two minutes later, Wonder Boy was here. They both tested out their lungs and Wonder Boy even showed that his boy parts worked by spraying the doctor and the nurses!
We are in love and elated that they are both doing [...]

The Wonder Twins Birth Story


Birth Plan Out The Window!
Hey Honey Bunnies!
So, let me tell you about when the Wonder Twins arrived. Remember when I had a detailed birth plan? And remember when I said my doctor encouraged me to be flexible?

Everyone was pushing for us make it to at least 28 weeks. On Friday we hit that goal and I received another round of steroid shots to assist with [...]

Pregnant with Twins: Diapering Decisions

Cloth Diapers vs Dispoables Cost

Cloth Diapers vs Disposable Diapers
Hey honey bunnies!

One of the things that I’ve been thinking about is cloth diapering. Now cloth diapers are not the same as they were when I was little. They are really cute now and have a ton of benefits. Among these benefits are that cloth diapers are eco, pocketbook and baby friendly.

With two babies on the way, the cost of disposables [...]

Pregnant with Twins: I’m a Human Rotisserie

Twin Pregnancy: Human Rotisserie

Twin Pregnancy: Body Changes
Hey honey bunnies!
Just wanted to share the changes that I’ve been experiencing.

I am a human rotisserie or at least that’s what I think I look and feel like. It’s getting a little difficult to get and stay comfy. I find myself rotating and flipping over a lot, much like you see with a rotisserie chicken. That’s a much better visual than a [...]

Pregnant with Twins: Life on Hospital Bed Rest

Weekly Ultrasound While on Hospital Bed Rest

Surviving Hospital Bed Rest
Hey honey bunnies!
We are still in the hospital and doing well. Contractions have started up a couple of times, but nothing too serious or that a shot couldn’t knock out. I don’t even feel it when I am having them!
So what’s been going on?
Probing- No, not anal probing. I’m in the hospital, not on an alien mothership. Several times a day, the [...]

Pregnant with Twins: I’m on Hospital Bedrest

Pregnant on Hospital Bed Rest

So I’m in the hospital on bed rest. We are ok, but the doctors want to be very careful.

How did I get here? I started having weekly check-ups and ultrasounds after the cerclage was placed. When I went in last week, I was having slight contractions. I didn’t even know it. I figured that they would calm down and I would get to go home [...]

Pregnant with Twins: Changed Birth Plan and Moving

Moving While Pregnant

Moving While Pregnant and Having a Flexible Birth Plan
Many of you will remember that I have it all planned out regarding my pregnancy and delivery.
Once we found out that we were having twins AND I needed a cerclage AND went on bed rest, everything we had planned and discussed was in the air.

When we found out we were having twins, we decided to move back [...]