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What the What: The Real Baby Mamas of Richmond? Really?

Hey honey bunnies! I’m back and so is What the What Wednesday.

We all have thought at some point that reality tv has gone too far, but it continues on. However with The Real Baby Mamas of Richmond, it has jumped the shark and run into the docks and burst into flames.

How did I come across this traveshamockery? I was watching the local news when they mentioned it. I figured that it was a spoof of the Real Housewives franchise until I logged into facebook and noticed a host of people talking about the show. Nothing else was on and I had a few minutes so I turned to community access (I should have known then) and checked it out. This can’t be life! Everybody and everything does not need a platform and this was a prime example. I think the community access dvd player knew that it was a hot buttered mess because the dvd messed up the last few minutes.

The Real Babymamas of Richmond

Meet the Cast of The Real Baby Mamas of Richmond

I even went to youtube and looked this mess up and I found the trailer (which just scratches the surface on the lunacy) and an interview that they did. In the interview, they claimed that it was positive and to highlight life for single mothers. However, towards the middle of the interview the women begin discussing which ladies had slept with another cast member’s baby daddy.

Cut to the 19:30 mark for the baby daddy discussion

There was NOTHING positive about this mess. It seemed like a bunch of people trying to get tv time and a come up. And they were willing to do anything to get there. I know what some people are thinking. “Um, Whitley, do you watch reality tv? Have you seen the foolishness on there?” Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and Flavor of Love put together is like Emmy worthy television compared to this. Of course you have the arguing and drama, but it’s not entertaining. It’s degrading and embarrassing. They have nicknames such as “Ms. Babymama drama”, “Big Sexy” and “Ms. Exxtra.” They make sure to say it’s exxtra with two xs. In the first episode there was arguing over facebook, a 42 year old mother of 9 w/ 6 “baby daddys” and talked about having sex in a park and who was sleeping with one even though she thinks he is sleeping with somebody else and the producer/ CEO (CEO?? Tv shows have a CEO now? Shouldn’t it be creator/executive producer?) yelling about a stolen bicycle.

If you find yourself watching it, you may be wishing that it came with subtitles. From rampant improperly used words to poor pronunciation and enunciation to just plain made up words, there is a good chance that you will have a headache after watching this. There’s ebonics and then there is butchering language and speech. If I had a choice to get made fun of for speaking properly or fit in and talk like this and sound a hot mess, make fun of me all day. Did nobody listen to himself or herself or the playback before putting this out?

The Real Baby Mamas of Richmond

Did they have to include Richmond in the title? Did they have to make the city and state look horrible? On their website, facebook page and in an interview they said that they were putting Richmond, VA on the map. Um, every map that I have ever seen of the United States shows Richmond. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m originally from the county outside of Richmond and RBMOR makes myself and many others sick with embarrassment and shame. There are tons of things that Richmond could and should be known for before this show. Hell, Richmond was the capitol of the Confederacy and I am more proud of that than this Real Baby Mamas stir fried garbage.

I guess nobody saw any value on even attempting to do a nice edit for the show. Remember the shaky cam from Cloverfield? They clearly use the low budget version of that. The show did try to incorporate music, but instead of a clip with the volume properly adjusted they use the full song so loud that you struggle to hear the “dialogue.” Say what now ma’am?

There are a few bright spots- One cast member said that she wants to highlight mental illness and help remove some of the stigma. It takes a lot of courage to publicly discuss mental illness, especially in the black community. For that, I commend her. Some of the other cast members said that they want to show the positive and overcoming obstacles, but that was not evident at all and got lost in the tornado of ignorance. A big neon bright spot is that it can serve as a cautionary tale to young girls…don’t let this be you.

I hope the show changes drastically and quickly or goes away rapidly. This may be in vain because it seems that the producers take people laughing at them as laughing with them or anybody who is not crazy about it is seen as a hater. No, some people just have dignity and self respect.

Now Playing “My Soul is Not for Sale”

I’ve run out of words for this and give up.

Have you seen the show? Will you watch? What do you think?

What the What Wednesday: Treat Me Like a What???

Hey honey bunnies! You get two What the Whats today….enjoy

I LOVe music. All genres and from way back to the present. Music hasn’t been as good in recent years but there are a few current tunes that I like.

But the majority of the stuff now is GARBAGE and must be stopped! Clearly talent is no longer a requirement and people are willing to spend their hard earned sheckles supporting tomfoolery. Not this one right here!


This panda is befuddled too

The most recent song to leave me baffled is called “Treat Me Like a Pirate.” There’s even a video to go with it! This tune was sent to me by a friend so we can all blame her:

I shall type my reactions as I watch

Is this for real? I really want to know.

Glad no expense was spared.

When did pirates start wearing Forever 21 couture clubwear?

Nothing to type from 0:20 til 0:45, I’m just stunned into silence. This chorus…..

This dude is popping and rolling harder than the girls.

Who is this dude looking like Real of Real and Chance?

Blue leopard leggings? I didn’t know Rave/Deb was still open.

This set is killing…wait



Where did the random Polar Bear cub come from? When did Polar Bears sail the high seas?

I will let you all comment on the girls and their club dancing.

Is this Flynt Flossy fellow auditioning for You Got Served 52: Step It Up on the High Seas?


I need answers….

What the What Wednesday: Guards Bumping Uglies with Inmates

What the What Wednesday is BACK!

What would possess a prison guard to have a relationship with an inmate? What kind of low self esteem, desperate, freedom hating, poor decision making hot mess do you have to be to do such a thing?

Nancy Gonzalez had a relationship with not one, but two inmates. Wait, it gets better/worse….Nancy is 8 months pregnant. She is now facing a maximum of 15 years in prison for some locked up penis. Nancy also gave up her snatch to a convicted cop killer in his cell and a vacant room next to it. Putting on a show for everybody…. Not even going to dive into choosing a cop killer. Why not somebody who was a little less violent? Forgery, identity theft or car jacking too tame for you?

Meet Ronnell Wilson, the gem that Nancy picked:

Let’s look at 5 reasons why Nancy Gonzalez made a stupid decision TWICE:

1. Your job is on the line- You have a good ob as a corrections officer and you used to be in the military. You risk it all for that???

2. Your freedom is on the line- Er um, you knew that you could go to jail for this. Is the willy dipped in gold? Even then, 15 year is not worth it.

3. You can only get inmate peen- Ma’am, you can’t get ANY other dude? One who may be, oh I dunno, not in jail??

4. You got pregnant- Really dummy? You couldn’t at least use protection?? Now you are about to have to explain to an innocent baby that daddy is facing the death penalty for killing a police officer and mommy is stuck on stupid.

5. You are going to jail now!- I just had to remind you of this.


What the What Wednesday: Whitley on BYS on Thursday!

Hey honey bunnies!

Whit’s back with some news!

No, I’m not pregnant. Yes, I know I’ve been gone for a second, but I’m back. I will update you ALL about it.

The News: I’m going to be on Boi You Stoopid’s weekly radio show tomorrow (4/26/12) at 10 pm est. There is also an in-studio camera. Whit’s not too excited about that.

This is why I rarely listen to radio. But I wouldn't do this anyway.

What’s BYS radio? Boi You Stoopid or BYS, is a weekly internet radio show hosted by C-Will and Kel. They have no sense and are ignorant. I say that will a dash of love and a huge helping of truth.

What will I be doing?

1.Going on a rant: Whenever these fools talk to me, somehow they rope me into their lunacy. One of the things that the BYS boys love to do is get me started on a tangent that turns into a rant.

2. Storytime w/ friends: I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided that it would be a good idea to put my crazy friends and BYS together…… In Vegas of all places! Debauchery would be the understatement of the YEAR! This led to some extra special moments. I will be talking to one of my friends who will share how some people tried to force her into a lesbian orgy and failed.

3. The Challenge: My girls and I have a challenge for the BYS boys. They will lose.

How you can listen: Catch the show each and every Thursday at 10pm on WLVS Radio via

Should I swing by hip hop karaoke before the show? Maybe not, I may have a few cocktails and REALLY rant. That may be an after show event.

What should I rant about?

What the What Wednesday: Death to the Tacky, Hood Commercial

Ok, I’ve held back long enough. McDonald’s and Everest Institute (and schools like it) need to be banned from airing commercials. Or at least ban commercials featuring minorities doing things based on stereotypes and pandering to their target audience. You do know that we aren’t stupid right?

I McDonald's Think McDonald's Believes This Represents All Black People

Why ban them? Because it is extremely obvious their advertising department sucks. I believe that they outsource the commercials for the minority audiences to an ad agency in a small, rural community where the only people of color are on tv. How else can you explain the absolute absurdity and lunacy in these commercials?

Apparently, I am not alone in my thoughts. As I break down these shamockery commercials I will show you the real commercial and an awesome parody by the talented @brickybrick1. The parodies contain nsfw language so turn the sound down and enjoy!

1. McDonald’s
Um, why are black people always rapping, pop locking or doing spoken word about McDonald’s food? We all know McDonald’s is not great. To be honest, it’s last resort struggle food.

In this commercial, this dude is rapping at a CONCERT about a mango pineapple smoothie. I like to get my concert on; big stadium shows to small venues. I have yet to see an artist break out a song about McDonald’s anything unless they break out running off the stage to the bathroom because the ate McDonald’s.

Sir, no. Just stop. And FYI, the smoothie is only good with rum!

So let’s try to show McDonald’s what their commercials look like to us.

McDonald’s, take a strong look in the mirror. This is you. Get it together.

Here’s the first rapping commercial they did. It’s all downhill from here:

Nuggets? Really?

2. Everest

Do I really need to explain this one? Everest and all of the other institutes are in a battle to see who can make the most basic commercial featuring the most stereotypes.

Everest is clearly winning the contest. Screaming at the screen, telling folks they are bums, trying to be tough… Really? Are we scaring people into school now?

And THIS is what the commercial is really like:

Whoever is doing the research and coming up with the ad campaigns for these companies regarding minorities should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of doing something creative and positive, you decide to take the presumed easy route and play into stereotypes.

What do you think? Ho do you feel about these commercials? Or are you indifferent?

If you loved the cartoons, @BrickyBrick1 has a whole series on youtube featuring these characters: Orangey and Purple.

What the What Wednesday: Supreme Diva Poppin N Lockin…Terry Crews Watch Out!

I just, I dunno what to say.

Meet Supreme Diva:

Supreme Diva is a SSBBW porn star based out of Chicago. She’s not stripping in the vidjo, but she is letting the haters know where to find her with her sessy (yes, sessy) robot dance moves.

*Vidjos (yes, vidjos) have some colorful language*

But let me show you what came to my mind when watching this:

Chris Rock expresses what was going through my head.

Should Terry Crews feel threatened? Is Supreme Diva coming for his spot?

You can thank @LaurynDoll and @TiyeAre for this.

What the What Wednesday: Fight at the Nail Shop in Walmart (with video)

“And from there, it was off the chain,” a witness told Channel 2. “Bowls were flying, glass was flying, hair was flying, braids was flying, weaves was flying, everything was flying.”


Um, wow!

Really? This is what you are going to do with your life?

Just when you thought Walmart couldn’t house any more lunacy, I bring you this ignorance. Full story here

Apparently, a woman was not pleased with the prices at Regal Nails and wasted 30 minutes of her life yelling and cursing at the employees and customers.Not surprisingly, her chaps get into it with the moppet of another customer and fists fly! (The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree huh?)

Sadly, a 17 year old girl was waiting to get her nails done and was struck by a porcelain soaking bowl. Her teeth were shattered in the melee. But get this: the woman who hurled the bowl ran out and got away. HOW? From the video, the store is full of folks.

We have to do better people…..

What do you think of this refried bs? What would you have done if you were there?

Thanks to @BMoreLikeNita for this find. If you have a suggestion for What the What Wednesday, please send it to me at or @WhitleyBrooks on twitter.





Introducing What the What Wednesday: Tigger, Eyore and Pooh Can Dance

Hey honey bunnies!

Welcome to What the What Wednesday.

What in the what the what is What the What Wednesday?

I’m constantly seeing stories and videos that make me stop and make me stop. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I shake my head and sometimes I just look in stunned silence. I don’t think that I should be the only one, so now you get to be a part of the lunacy. More on What the What Wednesday and your host, Whatevia, after the What the What.

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This What the What gave me a good chuckle. Who knew that Tigger, Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh could get down like this?

Tigger starts the show off with the Cat Daddy and the Dougie. His boys Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh soon join in on the fun.


Meet Whatevia Santiago:

And what?

According to her “official” bio on Vote for the Worst, Whatevia Santiago is Survivor Sucks’ nickname for the woman who refused to clap for Jennifer Hudson when Jennifer brought the house down with her performance of “Circle of Life” on AI3. Whatevia had this look on her face and her arms were crossed and it was just so hilarious that she’s been photoshopped into every single picture.

Whatevia's Illustrious Debut

As host, Whatevia will simply make an appearance via a picture to give her “What the What” seal of approval.

Thanks to @JWash5121 for sending me this What the What.

If you see something that is What the What worthy, send it to me via or @WhitleyBrooks.