What the What Wednesday: Death to the Tacky, Hood Commercial

Ok, I’ve held back long enough. McDonald’s and Everest Institute (and schools like it) need to be banned from airing commercials. Or at least ban commercials featuring minorities doing things based on stereotypes and pandering to their target audience. You do know that we aren’t stupid right?

I McDonald's Think McDonald's Believes This Represents All Black People

Why ban them? Because it is extremely obvious their advertising department sucks. I believe that they outsource the commercials for the minority audiences to an ad agency in a small, rural community where the only people of color are on tv. How else can you explain the absolute absurdity and lunacy in these commercials?

Apparently, I am not alone in my thoughts. As I break down these shamockery commercials I will show you the real commercial and an awesome parody by the talented @brickybrick1. The parodies contain nsfw language so turn the sound down and enjoy!

1. McDonald’s
Um, why are black people always rapping, pop locking or doing spoken word about McDonald’s food? We all know McDonald’s is not great. To be honest, it’s last resort struggle food.

In this commercial, this dude is rapping at a CONCERT about a mango pineapple smoothie. I like to get my concert on; big stadium shows to small venues. I have yet to see an artist break out a song about McDonald’s anything unless they break out running off the stage to the bathroom because the ate McDonald’s.

Sir, no. Just stop. And FYI, the smoothie is only good with rum!

So let’s try to show McDonald’s what their commercials look like to us.

McDonald’s, take a strong look in the mirror. This is you. Get it together.

Here’s the first rapping commercial they did. It’s all downhill from here:

Nuggets? Really?

2. Everest

Do I really need to explain this one? Everest and all of the other institutes are in a battle to see who can make the most basic commercial featuring the most stereotypes.

Everest is clearly winning the contest. Screaming at the screen, telling folks they are bums, trying to be tough… Really? Are we scaring people into school now?

And THIS is what the commercial is really like:

Whoever is doing the research and coming up with the ad campaigns for these companies regarding minorities should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of doing something creative and positive, you decide to take the presumed easy route and play into stereotypes.

What do you think? Ho do you feel about these commercials? Or are you indifferent?

If you loved the cartoons, @BrickyBrick1 has a whole series on youtube featuring these characters: Orangey and Purple.

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