The Case of the Secret Baby Names

Hey honey bunnies!

If you’ve read my site or REALLY know me in real life (or even from random twitter posts), then you will know that BBKF and I are ready to expand our amazing family.

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My husband and I put a lot of thought into what we want to name our children, but it’s clear that not everyone takes  it as seriously as we do.

When we were dating, the more serious that we became, the more serious and in-depth conversations we had. Most of our conversations pertained to things that we believe EVERY couple should discuss before even getting engaged. This goes beyond having the “marriage discussion”. I’m looking at you Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Every couple needs to discuss the essentials, which they stated on Kourtney and Kim Take New York. What did we discuss? Our beliefs, morals, goals and dreams among other things. It’s made many things a breeze for us because we’ve already discussed and were on the same page.

Sometimes our conversations and planning would be about things lighthearted and fun, yet still some importance. One of these topics is what we want to name our children. For approximately 5 years, we have a known what we want to name our children. And in 5 years, not much has changed except for the name of one of our possible daughters. Her name will be in honor of BBKF’s cousin who passed away last year. They were raised more like brothers and were inseparable. His cousin also loved me like a little sister. Sometimes we would fight and argue like brothers and sisters too, but it was all in love. He was a great man who meant a lot to many people and it would be great to be able to honor his memory in this way. Plus, the name is pretty.

We are not telling the names to people until we are pregnant and know the sex of the little one. A few close family members and friends know the names. But these individuals know how to keep their mouths shut unless they want to be cut out of the circle of trust.

We are not telling the names for a few reasons:

  1. I like it, you may not.

You already know that everyone has an opinion. For some strange reason simpletons cannot keep their mouths shut and keep their opinions to themselves. They believe everyone actually cares and wants to hear it. They’re sadly mistaken.  For example, when someone gets married everyone wants to tell you what dress to buy, how much money you should (or shoudn’t) spend on your special day or how may people to invite. Friends and randoms alike who have gotten married after us have asked us for advice. There is one piece of advice that we always give: if they are not paying, their opinion doesn’t matter. Every body has an opinion, complaint, a request and so on and so forth when you’re planning a wedding. It’s annoying and stressful. However, I have always believed that a wedding is about the joining of 2 people and their families. Its also an expression of love and personalities of the bride and groom celebrated in a joyful occasion.

  1. BABY name Stealer!
    1. Expectatant parents stealing baby names. That’s right, you read that correctly. People are stealing baby names. I’ve spoken to countless women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant and in their excitement, they told their pregnant friend what they were going to name their baby. Most of the time, this friend already has a baby name picked out. However, when they hear the enthusiasm in your voice and see that twinkle in your eye, it’s like a dimwitted light bulb comes on, and they decide that the name you lovingly and painstakingly chose is the latest winner in The Baby Naming Game they are playing. This may not be a big serial, but it is to me. After 5 years, we have fallen in love with the names and don’t plan on changing them for anyone or anything.



But that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you, so don’t ask. :-)

Now there’s just one more thing I want to discuss: picking an appropriate baby name. Now I’m not saying that names that reflect ones background or culture are bad. In fact, they’re awesome and more power to you. I’m generally very good at pronouncing names, but I still mess up from time to time. If I do, please forgive me. Just politely correct me. I’m going to repeat it to make sure I have the correct and we can go on our merry way.

There are a few types of names that I have a problem with and I implore parents to be more cognizant of the selection of the name for your child. This will follow them forever. While you may think it is unique to add a bunch of extra vowels, consonants and apostrophes that you don’t even pronounce, but the rest of us are pitying the poor child and questioning your judgment. Being original and standing out is great, but your child has to live with this name. Mispronunciations, misspellings, confusion and judgment may follow your child because you put as much thought into your child’s name as to the type of alcohol you are buying from the liquor store. No ma’am!

What’s in a name? If you have children, how much thought did you put into their names? When did you share your baby’s name? Are you happy with your name?

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