Marsha Ambrosius, I Love You But….an open letter

Dear Marsha,

Hey honey bunny! How are you doing? Good, good. Now moving right along….

I loved you with Floetry and I LOVE LNEM and basically anything that you do. But Marsha, we have a problem. I respect you enough to bring it to you and warn of the consequences of your actions.

By now, you are probably wondering (in that sexy accent of yours, but that’s for another letter ma’am) “What exactly is the issue? What did I do?”

Well Marsha, you are trying to impregnate me. Not literally with your special parts, but with hot and sexy songs like With You and Your Hands. I do not believe that you innocently made these songs without knowing the effect that you will have on folks’ sexy parts. I can’t even go to your show with my husband for fear of getting arresting for making sexy time in public.

You may be saying “Why listen then?” Because these songs are damn sexy and your voice is hauntingly lovely.

This also does not mean stop with the sexy songs.

But let’s discuss what it does mean: You will be held partially responsible if (when) I get pregnant. Translation: You will be Auntie Marsha. That’s right, by producing these titillating songs, you  have volunteered to be Auntie/godmommy to the chap.

Marsh, (May I call you Marsh?) you will be an awesome auntie. But if you decide to sing songs to the baby, could you PLEASE avoid the songs that get folks hot and bothered?

In summary, I love your freak nasty songs and they are going to cause you to have an awesome niece or nephew. Got it? Yay!

Love ya,


You can find Marsha on twitter @MarshaAmbrosius and it’s still not too late to check out Late Nights and Early Mornings.


Do you have a song or an artist that makes music that speaks to you in a special way? What songs get you going?


You can find me on twitter @WhitleyBrooks


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